Through all this time, we have the honour and satisfaction of having participated in a large number of projects, in which we have felt part of a team with the same objective .

In this section, we would like to show just a small sample of the numerous projects we have carried out, without forgetting any of them, since, larger or smaller, they have all been important to us and are already part of our history.

Location México DF, MÉXICO

Granito: Rojo Carmen

Amount 8000 m2
Location Abiyán, Costa de Marfil

Blanco Aurora, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Negro Tijuca

Amount 7000 m2
Location Dallas (Texas), USA

Moleanos Limestone

Amount 3000 m2
Location Túnez

Blanco Perla, Negro Impala

Amount 45000 m2
Location Estambul, Turquía

Blanco Perla, Negro Impala

Amount 90000 m2
Location Singapur

Giallo Dorado, Negro Galaxy, Yellow Duna, Verde Lavras

Amount 75000 m2